Polyphase Systems Ltd has delivered a number of innovative solutions during the construction of a number of new substations in Kenya and Zambia with voltages ranging from 33kv to 330kv. We have also completed rehabilitation work on live stations on similar voltages maintaining strictly safety measures. The works include:
  • Civil works
  • Electrical Equipment installation
  • Control and Power Cabling and their terminations (upto 330KV)
  • Power and Station Transformer installations (upto 90MVA) including oil filtration and oil fillinf PLC and SCADA System
  • Pre-commissioning tests
Siemens SAS, France Lake Turkana Wind Power – 33KV/400KV Loiyangalani Substation – Installation of HV & LV Switchgear panels, cable laying, termination, 9x45MWA transformer installation, oil filtration and precommissioning, steel structure installation, equipment installation i.e. circuit-breakers, disconnectors, CTs , VTs, Earthing of equipment and facilities.
ABB Ltd – Germany Extension to the existing substation with 2 No. Bays with installation and commissioning of 2x120MVA transformer at Kanshansi Copper Mines in Zambia
Construction of 7 No. Bay for 330/33kv Kalumbila New Substation with 3x120MVA Transformers, Capacitors, Reactors – Kalumbila New Substation in Zambia
Extension of 1 No. Bay 330/330kv in the existing live Substation at Lumwana Substation (Existing) in Zambia.
KEC International Ltd 220KV substation – Olkaria Geothermal Power Plant (Olkaria IV: unit 1 & 2) – 3 bays All Civil erection, pre-commissioning tests.
CG Holdings Construction of four bays Mangu substation 132/66/11KV Complete Electrical Installations and Commissioning
Construction of two bays Gatundu Substation 132/33kv Complete Electrical installation and commissioning
AREVA T&D c/o KPLC Ruaraka Substation 132/66/11KV Complete Electrical Rehabilitation works on existing live substation
Kinden Corporation of Japan Construction of two bay 132KV – 33KV Substation at Muhoroni for Kenya Power & Lighting Co. Ltd
ZESCO (Power Utility in Zambia) Construction of new 220/132/33kv Substation in Lusaka, Zambia with installation of 1x90MVA 330/13233KV Transformer and another 30MVA 132/3KV transformer Rehabilitation of other four 330kv and 132 substations in Zambia
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Construction of 132kv substation with 6 bays and 3x32MVA transformers at Diesel Power Station in Kipevu.
Iber Africa Construction of 66KV Substation at Diesel Power Station.
Kenya Pipeline Company Construction of 33KV substation with installation of 2×1 MVA transformer in Ngema, Nakuru, Eldoret to Kisumu.
Morris and Company Construction of 66KV Substation including 1x5MVA transformer
Kenya Power & Lighting Ltd and Panpaper Mills Webuye Construction of 2 bay 132kv/11kv substation in two stages with 2×25 MVA transformers
Kenya Power & Lighting Ltd and ABB Construction of 2 bay 220kv substation at Kiambere Hydro Project