Polyphase Systems has over the years been involved in power plant construction projects with independent power producers’ e.g Iber Africa, Gulf Energy and government owned corporations e.g KENGEN in installation of plants generating over 300MW.

The power industry is an important aspect in attaining a nations developing agenda. As developing economies continue expanding their power bases to meet increasing demand, the number of Power Industry projects is continually increasing. Polyphase System with its team of expert engineers and sound management is there to provide the necessary expertise, tools and plant required for the infrastructure installation. Polyphase is also preparing for the future with the ageing infrastructure and increased legislation regarding emissions and use of renewable energy, we shall be there to offer innovative solutions.




Wartsila Eastern Africa Ltd

Athi River Power Plant – 80MW Plant

Installation of HV & LV switchgear, cable laying and termination. Installation of lighting protection systems, CCTV, lighting and fire detection system, Instrumentation works, testing and commissioning, substation erection, installation & precommissioning tests for 11/66kv substation, Transformer installation works, testing and commissioning – 2x45MVA

Hyundai Engineering Company Ltd

Olkaria Iv – Generating 50MW Power Plant

Installation of Low voltage switchgear, cable laying, termination, instrumentation works, testing and commissioning

Ibera Africa  Power (EA)

Nairobi South Power Station – Extension Project

Complete Electrical Installation workds for 56MW Power Station – 7 no Genset, complete switchgear, lighting & small power, high voltage (11kv) & medium voltage cabling & termination including installation of panel & commissioning

Ibera Africa  Power (EA)

Nairobi South Power station – Extension Project

Project Supply and complete installation of 250KVA Emergency Diesel Generator for Nairobi South Extension Project

KPLC Through Mitsubishi Heavy IndustriesOlkaria Geothermal Phase I,II and III complete electrical and instrumentation works for 2x15MW and 1x30MW generation plant.
KPLC Through GE Energy SystemKiambere Hydropower Project complete Electrical installation of 150MW Power generation system including 11kv installation and fire protection.
KPLC Through Mitsubishi Heavy IndustriesKipevu 1 project using heavy oil. Our scope of works included complete Electrical and instrumentation installation works including 11/132KV substation and 3x23MVA Transformers
Malindi Solar Through Sterling & Wilson Solar Limited

40MW AC Malindi Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Project.

Entire Photovoltaic (PV) Yard Electro-Mechanical Works including:-

  • Pier setting, alignment and casting
  • Solar trackers installation and hacking
  • Solar panels installations
  • String Combiner Box (SCB) installations
  • Cable trench excavations, Cable laying, terminations and lagging of DC, LV, MV, communication and earthing cables
  • Inverter station installation works including inverter installation, Transformer assembly and oil filtration works. Control room installations
  • Testing and commissioning