What We Do
Polyphase Systems Ltd has expanded its core business to include :
  • Industrial and Electrical Installation Projects
  • Substations and Switch yards (33kV to 330kV)
  • Water Supply and Treatment Works
  • Overhead Transmission Lines (132kV to 400kV)
  • Distribution Lines and Distribution Transformers)
  • Other Maintenance Contracts in large industries
We continue to look for opportunities to diversify our business across Eastern Africa.
How We Do It
Our commitment to quality management is founded in our corporate values. These values serve as our standard for performance measurement, our motivation for excellence in execution, our foundation for guiding our decision-making, and our impetus for continuous improvement.
These quality standards are achieved throughout the company's operations and are in line with current ISO standards. The achievement of quality is the responsibility of the project manager who manages the work. Each employee is expected to perform their tasks the first time in accordance with project procedures or other requirements. The name Polyphase Systems Ltd must represent quality to our employees and to the business community.
Who Does It
Specialised teams selected for each of the projects based on the particular skill set required. Our project teams combine engineering with project management expertise to maximise the success of the projects we undertake.
Our teams are co-ordinated by a central team, based at our Head Office. We value our workforce and develop the talents of our teams.